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The Product

Strong arguments speak for storagement

  • storagement is a value for money WMS: Maximum functionality and performance, complete service concept, but undemanding with respect to hardware, infrastructure and IT-personnel.
  • storagement can be introduced as a basic version quickly and simply, and it is possible to add extension later without any restrictions.
  • storagement integrates itself perfectly with ERP systems such as SAP R/3, but without the usual follow-up costs, side costs and auxiliary costs common to such systems.
  • storagement optimises the work flow in all work areas of the warehouse.
  • storagement is a highly available system for little money: No interruption of the warehouse service because of maintenance or data protection, depending on the server system, as well as minimised down-times (e.g. less than 20 minutes depending on the configuration and kind of problem).
  • storagement also works as an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution: Operate as many as desired warehouse and logistics centres with only one central server.

For an almost complete overview list of features and services please read the detailed feature list.

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