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Storagement concept: Mobile data processing technology

The advantages of mobile real-time data entry

Each employee (pedestrian, stacker driver etc..) can be managed at each location. This allows flexible reaction to events and immediate optimization (not just at the next "control point").
And above all: No paper is needed - "Radio kills the paper monster"!!

Important Considerations

  • Human behaviour is not always predictable.
  • Is the software robust? No one likes to wait: How long are the response times in large installations with more than 20 users?
  • No data must be lost. Is the system failure safe and has it got a high fault tolerance?
  • The investment is rather high, approx. 4000-8000 EUR per user...

The storagement solution

storagement has been designed for large mobile data processing installations. The consistent application of adequate technologies and concepts as well as our know-how guarantee an excellent performance with a maximum of flexibility and fast return on investment.
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