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storagement is a standard software package for operational Warehouse Management ("WMS") with services provided in real time 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It has all of the functions which are needed for the administration and the operation of a warehouse. In addition we offer all of the necessary services from the production of systems requirement specifications to assisting the roll-out and introductory service.

Here are some of the fundamental characteristics of the storagement software package:

  • All areas of work of your warehouse operations are continuously mapped into the system: Incoming goods, storage, inventory updates, (permanent) inventory, relocation/supply, remove of goods from the warehouse, control centre/process optimisation, commissioning, packing, dispatch, goods loading/unloading, delivery tracing.
  • storagement is integrated with other systems over many levels and via fully developed interfaces, e.g. with ERP-, merchandise management-, logistics- and transportation service provider- systems. Typical interfaces are SOAP/XML RPC, EANCOM/EDIFACT or SAP R/3 Idoc. We also provide a native falt-file interface for use with converters or for on-site customization.
  • storagement works on-line and in real-time, i.e. each stock movement is planned, instructed and supervised by the system. In addition mobile on-line terminals are preferably used (PDAs, MDEs with WLAN, Pick2Voice or other wireless technologies). Alternatively it can be operated at any time with slips. Each individual procedure is verifiable in the detail.
  • storagement produces order and customer related documents for all transaction processes (delivery notes, packing lists, dispatch label, billing etc.).
  • storagement is industry independent. Through appropriate extension and special components specific functionality can additionally be added. Individual adjustments are also possible without abandoning the standards. Our Full-Service-Concept also contains the care of the individual configuration of each individual customer system.
  • Especially important for logistic service providers (3PL/4PL) are clientéle processing, operator separation and, resulting from this, what we call "Virtual Warehouse Instances", which can be operated on the same system. The outcome of this is that the system, in connection with the web features (operating in the browser, web services for data exchange), is suitable for ASP (Application Service Provider) and /or "WMS on demand".
  • The platform for storagement composes of UNIX/Linus as well as a relational transaction capable database (Oracle or IBM Informix). To arrange for secure operations around the clock, automatic on-line data protection, a highly available component (presupposing a backup server) as well as a special internet customer portal is provided, which guarantees the access to the internet by warehouse customers under maximum safety precautions.
  • storagement is 100% scalable, i.e. the efficiency depends exclusively on the hardware. More customers, more orders and more functions can be supported by more memory, processor speed and disk space at any time. Additional components can added at any time, so that the system grows with the requirements.

We are not lying. Not even in an emergency. Others do - check it out.

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