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Modular Extensions

The systematics of storagement

Storagement is a modular system and can be configured in many different ways. A modular system combines the advantages of standard software (synergy effects, often lower-priced, protection of investment) with the advantages of individual software (flexible, adaptable). This means you can get a competitive advantage through individuality and still be safe through the use of standards.

storagement consists of the following module types:

Basic modules
System core, 1 per system
Is identical in all systems, thus standard. Is subject to release management.
Extension modules
Additional and optional
Fulfil certain additional functions. Can be integrated from the beginning or added later. Standardized.
Special module
Non-standard programming, charged according to the necessary programming. Should be based upon an individual specification.
Some of the advantages of this modular concept are:

  • High synergy with other installed applications. Individual adjustments can easily be configured.
  • Nevertheless high flexibility for the integration of non-standard requests, which tend to occur in the logistics sector.
  • "Plug and Play" is within easy reach: if only the basic and extension modules are needed, we can provide short delivery times and immediate integration and start-up.
  • The same software can be used at different locations or in different areas (low maintenance and support costs). Only individual software requires specialized knowledge.
  • Affordable and predictable: A large part of the adaptations are included in the module prices.

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