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Workflow Improvement

storagement in fact is a real-time Warehouse Management Information System (WMIS), that plans, controls and optimizes warehouse logistics.


storagement plans ahead regarding unfulfilled orders for certain periods, areas and personnel, so management and operational staff are continuously provided with a forecast.

For these activities there are some standardized modules and individual functions as well. Some of the processes include the handling of the delivery orders (e.g. entry, optimizing, cumulating), purchase orders (requirements analysis, procurement, suppliers), interfaces with e.g. dispatch (dispatch, forwarders), production planning and control, ERP systems and host connection, and the accounting of warehousing services. The quality control takes places here, e.g. handling of incoming goods, customer service and complaints.


The operational resources (personnel, machinery) are being accurately managed and controlled by the system. All actions are being monitored step by step. The extension modules are to a large extent standardized and customer-independent.

The warehouse processes are being managed, e.g. handling of incoming goods at a point-of-identification, storing preparation and comparison with the advice, optimization and control of the commissioning, goods dispatch (entry, packing, printing of documents) and returned goods (receiving, handling, storing).


Entry and maintenance of basic data e.g. customer and personnel information, master data, stocks, routes of transportation, vehicles, storage locations etc. with their characteristics, statuses, performance data etc.


Routes for internal transports, stock utilization and work flows are optimized to become exacter, smaller, simpler and safer.

The administration and optimization take place on the operational level. This is a highly standardized system core, consisting of basic and extension modules, with no customized adjustments intended.

All stock and transaction data are being registered. All movements are being optimized and controlled: feed, output, input and stock inventory. Topology and resources, such as warehouse areas, feed zones, equipment and personnel, can be administrated. General information and operation functions are also contained.

Either paper-based processing or radio data transmission processing are possible.

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