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Software Platform

storagement runs on several hardware and software platforms. The compatibility of components and systems not mentioned below can be checked in individual cases. Individual or proprietary hardware will however in many cases not be covered by our customer support and update policy, without prior adaptation of storagement.

Cloud Based Operation

storagement can be run problemlessly in virtual environments, e.g. in AWS or in any private, public or hybrid cloud. Host OS can also be any OS where Linux guest systems can be hosted, like VMware, KVM, Windows etc.

Server hardware and operating systems for On-Premises-Installation

storagement is developed and optimized by specialists for UNIX like systems like Linux, HP-UX or AIX. Multi-user-ability and multi-processing, interactivity and on-line processing are basic features of the architecture. All usual hardware platforms are supported for which UNIX/Linux OS is available.

Recommended Operating systems

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (12 SP5 or newer)
  • OpenSuSE 15.3 or newer
  • UNIX variants: IBM AIX ab 4.x, HP-UX ab 10.x
  • Other UNIX/Linux distributions on request

Recommended Server Hardware

storagement runs best on server hardware from FUJITSU, HP and Thomas-Krenn.AG.

Minimum (recommended) hardware configuration:

  • 16GB (64GB) main memory
  • RAID 10 array with 800 GB net disk space, hotswappable disks
  • Reliable archiving device (like LTO)
  • Sufficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • 2+ LAN ports
  • Redundant architecture if available (e.g. power supplies)

Embedded Fail Safe / High Availabilty Function

storagement comes with an embedded high availability function which can be used to mirror all data and transactions to another physical or virtual server. In case the active production system fails, failover will take just 10...15 minutes, and all services are up and running again. This simple function is sufficient in most cases.

Client systems: Anything that runs a Browser and/or JAVA

storagement end user apps can be used in any modern browser like Firefox, Chrome or Edge. There are special client apps for large screens and desktop systems and apps for use with Android devices in responsive design.

Data Storage

Data must be stored safely and securely in a well supported database system. We recommend IBM INFORMIX or ORACLE RDBMS as embeddes database systems.

User interface

The user interfaces are implemented mostly in Java/JSF and can be accessed in the local network behind a firewall or from the internet with additional sercurity measures in place. These can be established on an storagement on-premises server, if this is required.

Character oriented interfaces can be used as well with simple terminal emulations if needed. However, support for this technology will cease in a few years.

Software development

storagement is continuously being developed with common tools and on a long-term foundation: Basically "C" and "Java", and our onw self developed WMS software toolbox. Thus we are indepenedent of actual trends and hypes.

Peripheral devices

Mobile devices for transport and production

Optimum warehouse processes are achieved by using mobile on-line technology. Using the existing WLAN installation or even 4G/5G technologies if available, any Android device can be used. Legacy Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices are still being suppoerted by storagement as well.

Mobile devices should be rugged and should be equipped with high performance barcode scanning devices and/or RFID/NFC technology.


Any printers (stationary or mobile) with HP, Kyocera or Zebra control languages can be used immediately. Other printers can be used after adaptation of the software.

Interfaces to 3rd party systems

storagement Standard ERP/WMS-Interface

Our general ERP host interface named "genls" is suitable for the connection to all kinds of material management and ERP systems that can be customized or can be connected to a data converter.

Customizeable interfaces

Due to a large base of interfaces and an intelligent architecture, storagement can be integrated in almost every IT structure, and almost all logistics processes can be modelled. Various customized interfaces have been implemented. Standards like EDIFACT, EANCOMM, SAP Idoc etc. are available and can be customized as needed.

KEP and Carrier Interfaces

Several KEP services like UPS, DHL, GLS, FedEx, TNT etc. can be connected directly to storagement, no need to use a separate delivery tool.

24/7 System Support

Our customer service departement is available 24/7 to intercept any failure or desaster as quickly as possible. If nedded, they can monitor the customer systems in realtime.

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